Creating a fax printer with MacOS X

After having a few problems getting the printer to work reliably I figured out a much nicer way to do it without a printer driver.

On the mac on the print dialogue there is PDF drop down button that allows you to save to PDF.

Using automator which comes with OSX there is a few easy steps to add YajHFC to this list.

  1. Open Automator app from Applications.
  2. Choose a new print plugin workflow.
  3. Select Run Shell Script from the list on the left and drag it into the actions panel.
  4. Paste the following into the Shell window (making sure your yajhfc app path is correct):
    JAVA=`which java`
    $JAVA -jar /Applications/YajHFC/yajhfc-0_4_2.jar "$1"
  5. Make sure the Shell drop down is set to /bin/bash and Pass Input is as arguments
  6. Save as Send as Fax (YajHFC) or something similar:

  7. Now when you click the PDF button on the print dialogue you should see your new addition:

Original HOWTO created by Barnaby Puttick, converted to HTML by Jonas Wolz

Last modification: Monday, 12-Dec-2016 11:51:54 CET