yajhfc - Yet Another Java HylaFAX Client


yajhfc [options] [documents to send]...


This manual page documents the yajhfc command.

YajHFC is a client for the HylaFAX fax server written in Java.

* Faxing documents in PostScript, PDF and various other formats
* Polling faxes
* Support for generating cover pages from templates
* Viewing sent and received faxes
* Phone book (entries can optionally be read from SQL databases or LDAP directories)
* Visible table columns may be selected in a dialog
* Supports ten languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

This command starts the graphical user interface. For a command line only interface, please see cyajhfc


-r, --recipient=RECIPIENT

Specifies a recipient to send the fax to. You may specify either a fax number or detailed cover page information (see the FAQ for the format in the latter case). You may specify --recipient multiple times for multiple recipients.


Extract recipients from the specified files or stdin by searching for @@recipient:<faxnumber>@@ tags. If "auto" is specified the send dialog will not be shown if at least one recipient could be successfully extracted.

-C, --use-cover[=yes|no]

Use a cover page for sending a fax.

-s, --subject=SUBJECT

The fax subject for the cover page.


The comment for the cover page.

-M, --modem=MODEM

Sets the modem to send the fax. Specify either the modem’s name (e.g. ttyS0) or "any" to use any modem.

-S, --server=SERVER

Sets the server to send the fax over. Specify either the server’s name (e.g. "My server"), the server’s list index (0 is the first element) or the ID in the form "#ID".

-I, --identity=IDENTITY

Sets the sender identity to use when sending the fax. Specify either the identity’s name (e.g. "My identity"), the identity’s list index (0 is the first element) or the ID in the form "#ID".


Read the file to send from standard input.


Prints the job IDs of newly sent faxes to stdout or to the specified file. One job per line is printed, in the format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss NEW_FAXJOB jobid".

-A, --admin

Start up in admin mode.

-d, --debug

Output some debugging information.

-l, --logfile=LOGFILE

The log file to log debug information to (if not specified, use stdout).


Append debug information to the given log file.


If there is no already running instance of YajHFC, launch a new instance and terminate this instance (after submitting the fax to send).


Do not close YajHFC after submitting the fax.


Do not wait for the send window to be closed by the user. If YajHFC is invoked multiple times before the user closes the send window, the specified documents are added to the list of files there. This option implies --background.

-T, --showtab=0|R|1|S|2|T

Sets the tab to display on startup. Specify 0 or R for the "Received", 1 or S for the "Sent" or 2 or T for the "Transmitting" tab.


Sets the initial window state of the main window to Normal, Maximized, Iconified (minimized) or minimized to Tray.


Specifies a jar file of a YajHFC plugin to load.


Specifies the location of a JDBC driver JAR file to load.


Overrides the value of the specified setting for this session. The overridden setting is not saved.


Disables loading plugins from the plugin.lst file.


Sends a fax with only a minimal GUI.


Suppresses the check for the Java version at startup.

-c, --configdir=DIRECTORY

Sets the configuration directory to use instead of ~/.yajhfc

-h, --help[=COLUMNS]

Displays this text (formatted for COLUMNS columns if given).


cyajhfc(1), hylafax(1), sendfax(1), java(1),
More documentation is available in PDF and HTML format in the YajHFC FAQ and README files at /usr/share/doc/yajhfc and on the homepage at http://www.yajhfc.de/


YajHFC was written by Jonas Wolz <jonas@yajhfc.de>.