Installing yajhfc-launch.vbs

The following instructions describe how to install the yajhfc-launch.vbs wrapper script to work around user profile path detection problems with RedMon.
The script does not work in Windows 9x; but it should not be necessary to use it there either.
It is assumed that you have already created a fax printer following the HOWTO.

  1. Extract yajhfc-launch.vbs from the ZIP archive to a folder on your harddrive.

  2. Edit the beginning of yajhfc-launch.vbs in a text editor (right click the file and select Edit from the context menu).
    Editing in notepad
    You may need to edit the following lines:

    Please note that you have to surround the values by double quotes (") as shown in the image above. To include a double quote in the value itself you have to use two double quotes (""), for example enter "-jar ""C:\program files\yajhfc.jar""" to get an command line of -jar "C:\program files\yajhfc.jar".

  3. Open the configuration dialog of the Redirected Port.

  4. Modify the following settings:

    Configuration dialog

    Please make sure that the "Run as User" checkbox is still checked.

  5. Close the open dialogs with "OK" and test if the fax printer still works.
    If it does not, you can use the "Log File" button in the Port configuration to activate a log file capturing error messages from the script.

  6. Done.

Note: This method is not tested very well; if you encounter problems, please let me know.

Created by: Jonas Wolz

Last modification: Monday, 12-Dec-2016 11:51:50 CET